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Celebrate PALentine’s Day: 6 Things To Do with Your Friends


They say that friendships can last a lifetime, so why not celebrate one of the most important loves of your life? Your friends. The official holiday day for Galentine's Day or Palentine's Day is February 13th, so gather your friends to celebrate today or tomorrow, Valentine's Day.

Are you wondering how to celebrate with your closest friends? It is not too late to plan something fun for the gals and pals. Whether you and your friends want to celebrate Palentine's Day budget-friendly or go on a luxurious excursion, we have you covered. However you choose to celebrate today or tomorrow, remember the most important thing is to be with your friends. 

Keep reading if you want to celebrate with your closest gals and pals, and Happy Palentine's Day!

Heart-shaped, shortbread cookies with red and white icing

Bake Cookies | Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake Heart-Shaped Cookies

Stay in for a cozy night and bake Valentine’s Day sugar cookies with your friends. Try whipping up a homemade batch or buy the infamous Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake heart-shaped cookies; you can never go wrong with cookies.

Two hands holding individual wine glasses, half filled with prosecco, overlooking a field of grapes

Go to a Wine Tasting | Eventbrite Galentine's Events

Want to get dressed up with your gals and go wine tasting? No better way to celebrate Palentine's Day than with a sip of wine and a charcuterie board to taste. Find a local wine event near you or attend an online event.

Heart-shaped cheese pizzas presented on parchment paper and a wooden counter-top, surrounded by garlic and fresh basil leaves

Host a Galentine’s Day Dinner | Papa Johns Heart-Shaped Pizza

Invite your friends over and host a cute Valentine’s Day dinner. Don’t be shy and go all out for yourself and your friends. Blow up heart-shaped balloons, bake heart-shaped pizzas, and don’t forget fun board games. Nothing is too over the top with friends.

A large, illuminated, overhead marquees sign outside a Broadway style theatre with crowd gathered outside

Attend a Comedy Show | Eventbrite Valentine's Comedy Shows

Get dressed up and go out on the town to your favorite comedy show. Why not celebrate your friendship over some jokes? Comedy shows are happening every week just at your local comedy club. Find one near you or attend a virtual comedy show.

Three art students sitting behind their black easels with bamboo fold out TV trays holding miscellaneous art supplies

Take a Class | Find an Event Near You

Nothing like bonding with your friends more than a fun class together? Whether you want to dance it off at Zumba or get in touch with your artistic side with painting, taking a class with your friends can be a fun experience, all while learning something new together!  

A table spread of croissants, donuts, waffles, mixed berries, eggs, coffee, and other brunch entrees on a pink tablecloth

Host a Friends Brunch | Dash Express Heart Waffle Maker

Host an intimate gathering for your friends over heart-shaped food and mimosas. It’s never a crime to brunch; make it personable by creating it into a party. Use a heart-shaped waffle maker to make hosting a little easier.